Our partners




The Prüfverein
The certification body „PRÜFVEREIN VERARBEITUNG ökologische Landbauprodukte e.V.“ is our partner for the certification of organic food according to the Regulation EEC 834/07 with 889/08. The Prüfverein is a close partner to the DEMETER association.






Institute for Marketecology International S.A. (IMO)
The international offices of IMO in India, Turkey, Brazil and Bolivia are our partner for the international network of inspectors. With more than 70 different ecological and social standards, 35 locations worldwide and many years of experience, IMO offers professional quality control services you can rely on. About 400 experts are in charge of projects in 90 countries. IMO has been active in the certification of Organic Agriculture worldwide for more than 20 years. Today, IMO is also renowned as a pioneer in the sectors of Social & FairTrade, Textile & Leather, Forest, Wood & Paper, Aquaculture & Fisheries, Food Safety and Wild Collection. With our innovations we are actively engaged in the fostering of all these sectors.






Society for applied Ethics in Economie (GfaW)
The GfaW has been established in 2012 and is working on the combined effects of ethics in economy.
If ethical aspects are included into the principals of economics an essential result is the sustainable development of an organisation. Sustainable development derives mainly from the combination of Economie, Social Affairs and Ecology. Ethical management is the precondition for sustainable development. The GfaW has developed criteria to monitor and document the activities of businesses for their sustainable activities.